• Posted 29 August
  • 2 m read

Williams Lea: from incremental to exponential change

By Press Releases

After losing market share in a rapidly evolving industry, as well as the immediate damage of 40% Covid losses, Williams Lea needed fast and authentic solutions to the structural and mindset issues at the root of innovation stagnation.

We delivered a series of Emergence workshops to empower Williams Lea to drive long-term value creation, while managing short-term urgency in the face of disruption.

What we did

  • Multiple workshop planning sessions with Williams Lea CEO.
  • Mindset Matters workshop to help foster exponential thinking.
  • Zoom Out/Zoom in session to identify barriers and plan new customer-centric value creation.

How we helped

We immersed ourselves in the business and undertook a rapid, agile consulting programme to uncover urgent insights about the problem at hand. Two key diagnoses were identified:

  • An over reliance on legacy tech and services slowing growth.
  • A lack of internal buy-in a barrier to innovation schemes.30, 60 and 90 day plans of action

The Emergence difference

Our agile, authentic approach prioritised fast-moving and direct communication with the Williams Lea team and CEO. We conducted highly interactive, empathetic sessions with a cross-section of the business.

“Like so many organisations, Williams Lea had to uniquely mobilize in this era of change propelled by the global pandemic for its employees and customers. Through our journey, Emergence Partners led our team to further build an awareness of a leadership mindset to generate opportunities for our customers and ensure we had the right tools to confidently face disruption.”

– Clare Hart, Williams Lea CEO

Posted by Press Releases on August 29, 2020 in Business Resilience category
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