Resilience assessment

Future-proof your business

In uncertain times, our resilience assessment helps organisations and their leaders transition away from short-term survival tactics to the long-term future-proofing and re-imagining of business models.​

Just 13 per cent of business leaders say they are ready to respond to digital disruption and create “the organisation of the future”. This assessment is aimed at the other 87 per cent in need of guidance.

Our assessment is centred around 5 key pillars:

  • Business Leadership: the processes to plan for, predict and respond to high-impact and low-probability events.
  • Asset Management: ensuring the physical and financial assets of the business enable, rather than hinder, business continuity in adverse conditions.
  • Supply Chain: building robust and resilient supply chains with minimal points of failure and optimised agility.
  • Information Systems: optimising and virtualising IT and communications technology to maximise availability.
  • Colleagues and Customer Value: the mindset, organisational culture, customer focus and HR processes to to maximise agility and protect human outcomes.
How it works

We carry out requests for information and interviews across the business to provide independent guidance on how to build and sustain resiliency in the face of disruption.

What this means for your business

You will get a detailed resilience report delivered to your C-Suite that will give analysis of your current state as well as short and long-term recommendations for developing resilience across the organisation.​

Corporate resilience: the defining business asset of 2020?

The challenges thrown up by 2020 have shown the increasing importance of corporate resilience and contingency planning in uncertain markets.

The survival and continued success of a business has come to rely on the organisation’s ability to innovate and adapt to circumstance while maintaining the vision of a long-term roadmap.

David Poole talks corporate resilience in an exclusive Sunday Times report on business risk.
Why leaders must plan for the unexpected

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

With no shortage of uncertainties lying in wait, building the resilience to adapt our ‘best-laid plans’ to new and difficult circumstances is shaping up to be the defining business asset of the 2020s.

When the roadmap drastically changes, how resilient is your mindset and how adaptable is your business? How do you transition from short-term survival tactics to the long-term future-proofing and re-imagining of your organisation?

How intelligent (and integrated) automation can build resilience in the new normal
It is not a coincidence that in a year of heavily disrupted markets, intelligent automation (IA) has made a leap forward in reputation and taken centre stage in the investment plans of businesses. Emergence research from this year has found that 40% have increased investment, and no wonder: during turbulent times, many organisations must get […]
Post-COVID business strategies will be defined by corporate resilience and virtualization
As businesses lick their wounds after a bruising few months, the smartest organisations will be looking for strategic improvements – not just panic responses to a pandemic. Who is looking beyond immediate recovery, towards virtualization and cloud migration? Which businesses are remodelling their vision for the next ten years rather than the next ten months? […]
Why businesses must slay the sacred ‘proof of concept’ to adopt digital transformation
If the Coronavirus outbreak has taught business leaders across industries anything so far, it’s that embracing technology should be a huge part of any business’ plans. This doesn’t mean welcoming new tools hurriedly, uncritically and with open arms; but diagnosing your opportunities and pain points and defining a technological vision that can benefit your company […]
From incremental to exponential change
After losing market share in a rapidly evolving industry, as well as the immediate damage of 40% Covid losses, Williams Lea needed fast and authentic solutions to the structural and mindset issues at the root of innovation stagnation.
“Emergence Partners led our team to further build an awareness of a leadership mindset to generate opportunities for our customers and ensure we had the right tools to confidently face disruption.”
  • Clare Hart
  • Williams Lea CEO
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