Propel workshop

Adopt a change-ready mindset

In these short and impactful workshops, we empower leadership teams with an awareness of the business mindset which generates opportunity in the face of disruption, and use that mindset to uncover specific ideas for driving long-term value creation without negating short-term urgency.​

How it works

Each session is bespoke to the needs of the business and leadership team. We explore the why and how of adopting an exponential mindset and in so doing, uncover insights into new sources of opportunity, assess cultural blockers, and prioritise next steps.

What this means for you

Leaders will leave the workshop with a grasp of the mindset required and specific ideas to generate opportunities in the face of disruption.

What are the cultural barriers to technology adoption?

Technology adoption is truly a non-negotiable feature of the modern workplace. However, what is clear is businesses feel somewhat lost when looking to invest, whether that’s due to a lack of appropriate knowledge within their team or a sense of confusion when trying to navigate the vendor landscape.  

Whether by diagnosing potential opportunities on the horizon, developing a strategic roadmap for long-term success, or running tech immersion and executive education sessions, Emergence exists to help businesses navigate the new, disruptive world in which we find ourselves.

Are businesses making the most of technology? Find out in our survey of 500 senior IT decision-makers on the top barriers to investment.
Why outside perspectives matter

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” is a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein, but we think it applies to our approach too.

In an era of intense disruption and unpredictable markets, it’s natural to get tunnel vision as a company. Bringing a wealth of experience to the table, our team cuts through the fog that may have descended – and we do it with agile and fast-moving communication, bypassing the siloed or slow-moving approach of large consultancy firms.

We’ll immerse ourselves in your business to take you out of your comfort zone with interactive and authentic consulting, taking a holistic view of your opportunities for innovation and the barriers to change.

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Propel attendee feedback
We're proud to maintain high feedback scores for Propel. 88% of attendees agree that the workshop achieves it’s stated objectives, while 98% agree the workshop facilitators are engaging and effective.
“'Easily the best Zoom meeting of lockdown!' ‘Really thought provoking, insightful session.’ ‘Super interactive which kept energy high. Very well presented and on-point.’”
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