Leaders need to embrace #MentalHealthAwareness now more than ever

In a year during which families and colleagues have been prised apart and forced inward, we can truly say that #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek has taken on new importance. But even without the trials of this fraught period, there has been a mental health epidemic brewing in the world of work for years – so much so that […]

  • By Joy Poole
  • 10 m read

How executives can lead the way in uncertain times – and plan for the unexpected

resilience /rɪˈzɪlɪəns/ noun 1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. So, how’s the new decade going so far? Not as planned, I don’t imagine – but that is sort of the point. Without wanting to immediately mention a certain pandemic, one of the messages I want to hammer home in this article is […]

  • By David Poole
  • 4 m read

We’re about to see an automation rush – but first there is groundwork to be laid

Automation adoption is about to accelerate, but success is far from guaranteed. With economic recovery at stake, businesses risk making the same short-termist mistakes that have seen automation investments fail to succeed at scale over the past decade. Before rushing into quick fixes, business leaders should remember the old adage: haste makes waste. 

  • By James Hall
  • 3 m read

How to thrive in uncertain times

The first half of 2020 will go down as one of the biggest opportunities in our lifetimes to learn about leadership, resilience and creativity. Some companies are already showing that no matter how hard it gets out there, the right doses of realism, compassion and creativity can see them through with their stakeholder goodwill intact. […]

  • By Joy Poole
  • 8 m read

Empowering your employees in the face of crisis

In so many ways, working life has come to a sudden and unexpected standstill. The world has gone home. Office whiteboards remain decorated with month-old abandoned brainstorms, and once-crowded conference rooms gather dust. For executives and their teams, the abiding feeling – aptly explored in this HBR article – is grief for the way things were. Already […]

  • By Joy Poole
  • 13 m read

Mindset management: transitioning from fear to hope

Even in the current crisis, the fundamental rules of the game haven’t changed. You still need to keep your target market’s evolving wants and needs at the front and center of your focus. Last week, we explored how the people within your organization will remember your leadership during this crisis. This week we’ll look at […]

  • By Joy Poole
  • 10 m read
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