Is hyperautomation just hype without the automation?

As the business world attempts to keep pace with the exponential march of technology, and in general continues to fall well behind, there are nonetheless several interesting market signals indicating that things are about to change. UI Path’s latest seeding round, announced last week, is a serious signal of intent, with CEO Daniel Dines pledging […]

  • By David Poole
  • 8 m read

We’re about to see an automation rush – but first there is groundwork to be laid

Automation adoption is about to accelerate, but success is far from guaranteed. With economic recovery at stake, businesses risk making the same short-termist mistakes that have seen automation investments fail to succeed at scale over the past decade. Before rushing into quick fixes, business leaders should remember the old adage: haste makes waste. 

  • By James Hall
  • 2 m read
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