A decade of stasis for women in tech – but we have reason to be optimistic

Are we breaking through the glass ceiling, or are we banging our heads against a brick wall? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. A new survey shows that, in spite of all our efforts, the number of women in the technology sector has barely moved over the past 10 years. Another International Women’s Day has come […]

  • By Katie Gibbs
  • 6 m read

Empowering your employees in the face of crisis

In so many ways, working life has come to a sudden and unexpected standstill. The world has gone home. Office whiteboards remain decorated with month-old abandoned brainstorms, and once-crowded conference rooms gather dust. For executives and their teams, the abiding feeling – aptly explored in this HBR article – is grief for the way things were. Already […]

  • By Joy Poole
  • 7 m read
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