Inspiring profound transformation

We inspire profound transformation by collaborating with stakeholders to bring both efficient gains and long-lasting impact with advanced technology at the heart of their businesses.

Unblocking technology paralysis

The onset of the 4th industrial revolution is generating tools of such extraordinary power that most (if not all) industries will be subject to disruption and reinvention. We are learning to live and work in unprecedented ways as the definition and efficiency of machines evolves and progress gathers pace exponentially. The challenge – and opportunity – is to ensure an equable symbiotic relationship between the ingenuity of human creativity and the power of machines.

Emergence is a catalyst for change for business leaders, freeing them from the predicament of analysis paralysis and inspiring profound transformation.

Reasons to feel optimistic

Stand united (don’t fall divided):

Empower stakeholders and colleagues to team up and contribute. Eliminating silod output and encouraging diverse perspectives can futureproof an organization by addressing broad organizational priorities and surface vital changes early on. [1]

Merge realism with idealism (don’t deny the best of both worlds):

Transform from a narrow and risk-averse mindset to agile, experimental, and adaptable. Avoid failure caused by the lack of a foundational understanding of the newest technologies. [2]

Create history (don’t be history):

Early adopters gain a distinct advantage as absorption of AI might reach today’s level of digital absorption by 2027. Be a catalyst and create an authentic, long lasting impact with proven short-term gains to truly make an impact on your business and industry. [3]

[1] – Maximize the value of your data science
[2] – Building the AI powered organization
[3] – How competition is driving AI’s rapid adoption

How we transform enterprises

Executive education and coaching

Courses and coaching which enable senior executives to quickly and continuously adopt the mindset and information they need to empower their organisations to benefit from the 4th industrial revolution. Emergence Partners delivers bespoke and time-efficient education for executive teams and individuals, with a strong focus on the Art of the Possible and the Basics of How.

Technology immersion

Ensuring executives are kept informed and up to date on relevant technology developments for their industry and can see clearly through the hype and exaggeration that prevails in the technology sector. Delivered through curated content, personal introductions to tech leaders as well as executive events.

Disruptive opportunity diagnosis

Pinpoint opportunities to benefit from disruption and achieve profound wins for your business, consumers and employees. Identify openings to disrupt the marketplace, assess internal appetite and capabilities to embrace change, and evaluate resilience as a strategic imperative to spring back and succeed in the face of disruption.

Strategic roadmap development

Emergence Partners helps executive teams to build business strategies that take full advantage of disruptive technologies whilst building on the innate strengths of the enterprise. Services include current state and risk analysis, future state target model design, and gaining commitment to drive forward with a compelling business case.

Impactful service design

A Design Thinking approach for leveraging new technologies to achieve profound transformation. Creating differentiated and high value services with technology that significantly enhance the customer and employee experience to drive long term adoption, often at significantly lower cost.

System implementation and run

Design build and run of systems aligned with the strategy and values of the enterprise, customers, employees and investors. Experienced on-shore and off-shore delivery team including business analysts, engineers, data scientists and developers working with best-in-class partners globally.

Why Emergence?

We provide the guidance that will help our clients emerge from the 4th industrial revolution as thriving entities because they have embraced advanced technology and used it to improve human wellbeing as well as gain competitive advantage.

Where does your business need support?

We offer a broad range of services and packages that can be customised to your needs.

Get in touch today, and we can start you on a path to success.